Mon, 20th of October

Different Paths: Part 5 

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Mon, 20th of October

"The older I get, the prouder I am to be a woman in the industry. When I was younger and running around all the time on tour, I don’t think I took the time to notice how being a woman in my position is really a gift. I want to make sure I utilize all that power.”

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Mon, 20th of October
© Philadelphia, 8/13/14
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Mon, 20th of October
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Sun, 19th of October
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Sun, 19th of October
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Sun, 19th of October
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Sun, 19th of October
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Sun, 19th of October


Soo Joo photographed by Marton Perlaki for Oyster S/S 2012

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Sun, 19th of October

@Luke5SOS: In front of the tv, that’s where you’ll find me

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